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 Clothing Collection Scam

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PostSubject: Clothing Collection Scam   Clothing Collection Scam Icon_minitimeMon Jul 02, 2007 1:40 pm

opic: Clothing collection scam?
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Posted by: Duncan Walker
Date/Time: 02/07/07 11:20:00

I have just had posted through our door, this morning Monday 2/7/07, a suspicious leaflet “Third World Clothing Collection Urgently needed Wednesday – Collecting 8am – 3pm from Intersecond Ltd., Company Reg No 5713257…”

I think it is a scam.

I checked on the Charity Commission website: ,

if their company registration number was a charity and it is NOT. I checked Companies House and they are a private company. I have found other people complaining about this operation:

I have just reported this to Hounslow Council and their Trading Standards people will contact me back.

Hounslow Council do have a general warning on their websites of such Charity Clothing scams:

Has anybody else come across this leaflet?
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PostSubject: Re: Clothing Collection Scam   Clothing Collection Scam Icon_minitimeWed Jul 11, 2007 11:51 am

Charity clothes collection scam
Tue, 19 September 2006
Trading standards officers at Hounslow Council are warning people to watch out for bogus collectors asking for unwanted clothes for charity who then sell the items for their own gain.
Officers have investigated 18 companies after tip-offs from residents about leaflets being posted at homes around the borough asking for donations of old clothes, shoes, linen and household items to help raise money for good causes.
The organisations that collect the sacks are from limited companies that often sell the contents and pocket the profits with nothing going to charity.
Suresh Kamath, Director of Street Management and Public Protection at Hounslow Council, said:
“The people behind scams like these are depriving legitimate charities of revenue, and misleading the public into lining the pockets of unscrupulous businesses who sell the donated goods on for profit.
“Our message to generous local people is that it is important people check exactly where their donations are going.
“If you have items you want give away, make sure it’s to reputable charities or local good causes. Any collection by or on behalf of a genuine charity should include their full name, address and registered charity number on any literature they distribute.”
Trading Standards officers from Hounslow Council checked the companies’ details with Companies House and found more than half had been, or were about to be, struck off. When letters were sent to the remainder asking them to prove their charity work, the addresses were found to be bogus in all but one case.
To be registered as a charity, organisations must use a certain proportion of their income for good causes. If the details of the organisations say it is a limited company then the proportion given is either not high enough or non-existent.
There are several ways to make sure your donations are not getting in the hands of scam collectors:
Is the company a limited company? They won’t have charity status unless they give a sufficient proportion of profit to charity. You can also check the status of the company at
If it has a charity number, contact the Charity Commission helpline on 0870 333 0123 to check whether the collection is for, or on behalf of, a registered charity, or visit their website;
Give directly to a local charity shop instead or donate to a charity shop collection sack. These should make clear reference to the charity registration number and many will also carry the Association of Charity Shops Kitemark.
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Clothing Collection Scam
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