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 Statement From MRAG

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PostSubject: Statement From MRAG   Statement From MRAG Icon_minitimeThu Aug 07, 2008 1:32 pm

Dear Residents and Press

July has proved to be another environmental disaster as far as odour from Mogden is concerned.
MRAG have been inundated with complaints of horrific late night odour which has caused much distress to residents trying to enjoy the holiday period or simply wanting to get some sleep with open windows.

Complaints have been forwarded to Thames Water and the Council. The matter has now become of such serious concern to the Council that various meetings took place this week between Isleworth Executive Member Councillors Phil Andrews and Paul Fisher together with Council Environmental Services Director Mike Jordan, Council Chief Executive Mark Gilks, Pollution Control Officers Suresh Kamath, Gerry McCarthy and Michael Mehta together with the Borough Assistant Solicitor. The Leader of the Council, Peter Thompson, has been briefed and updated whilst on holiday.

The above have requested an emergency meeting with MRAG committee members within the next two weeks. Date to be finalised.

Depite the fact that Thames Water alleges to have completed a 42million odour improvement programme the company admits that if expansion is permitted, odorous maintenance work may have to be undertaken DAILY. So much for employing the latest technology! The best the Company can offer is to notify 'subscribed residents' of any odorous activities. Unfortunately though, the Mogden staff are unable to identify or predict odorous activities and the website has been out of action for over a month so un-subscribed residents have no way of knowing what is going on.

Thames Water claim to have designed an extensive set of odour control measures at Mogden as part of its expansion project. Why then, weren't these measures put in place with the 42 million we have already awarded over the last 5 years?

Thames Water claim its proposals to almost double Mogden capacity will also show "local community benefits" We have repeatedly asked what the benefits will be but the Company seems unable to elaborate.

The Company repeatedly advise that "the new works will not result in any increase of odour at the site"
We have repeatedly asked how they know this to be a fact if they don't even know what is currently causing the nightly odour being experienced by residents from Whitton to St Margarets. To make the situation even more laughable the Mogden site staff continually deny that the odour you complain about even exists!!!

We believe the expansion of Mogden is designed to increase profits for the shareholders and reduce fines/penalties and whilst we believe odour will increase, we have repeatedly asked Thames Water how many days are anticipated per annum to use one or more storm tanks containing the raw odorous sewage.
Not surprisingly Thames have refused to answer, stating simply "Although modelling could show storm tank use, we have not carried out this work as part of this project. We have nothing further to add to this

In an open display of arrogance and in refusing to answer questions as put, Thames Water states "We have nothing further to add to this point."

Mogden Residents Action Group

Thank You

The Administrator
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Statement From MRAG
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