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PostSubject: Village Newsletter   Village Newsletter Icon_minitimeWed May 07, 2008 1:52 pm

I received a couple calls last night from Angy Residents on Ivybridge about the Latest village News.

These residents were EX IVYTAG members who asked what rights as the ICG to lie and say Tony Smith was Chair of IVYTAG when he wasnt...

I answered i dont know, but there are a lot of lies going around on Ivybridge coming from the URA and the clearly shows the political influence this group has behind them.

As to going from strength to Strength:

Can I remind EVERYONE of a Few things about the URA since it started Early Last Year:

1 Member was Thrown off (Ex IVYTAG)
the Youth Representative was never invited to any meetings since joining last year.
8 residents have resigned already incl the Treasurer.
They have done nothing for Ivybridge since starting
Excluded 8 residents From joining
No one as Joined since it Started.

I feel sorry for the residents on Ivybridge who are being Lied to like this but hope they see threw it.

I also Noticed that Cllr Andrews Thanked his Cronies but not 1 of the Members who does all the work Ron Robinson bit out of order aint it?

If anyone joins this group i feel sorry for them as this is NOt the Resident Association that Residents want.
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Village Newsletter
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