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 Ivybridge Estate - Summerwood Rd

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Ivybridge Estate - Summerwood Rd Empty
PostSubject: Ivybridge Estate - Summerwood Rd   Ivybridge Estate - Summerwood Rd Icon_minitimeMon Nov 12, 2007 7:50 pm

I received some calls this morning from some residents who live in Thrillmere House about Graffiti in their block.
I explained i didn't live on the estate and there was a new R.A now and to speak to them but they asked me to come over anyway.

I was totally shocked as there was Graffiti (tags) in LARGE silver and Black Paint on the walls from the 14th floor all the way down to the 5th floor.

I was informed that nothing has been done about this graffiti.

Earlier i emailed Marion Way (Estate Manager) to pass on the complaint.

I would advise any resident with a complaint to call Mr Ayoby (Vice Chair of the United Residents Association) on 07918 67 6246 with any issues

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Ivybridge Estate - Summerwood Rd
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