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PostSubject: Time 4 Answers   Time 4 Answers Icon_minitimeSun Oct 14, 2007 4:47 pm

In 9yrs of working with residents on Ivybridge I've seen some out for themselves come and go but there is 1 person on Ivybridge that hasn't just got my attention but the attention of every resident who was involved in the now dissolved group IVYTAG.

His name is Tony Smith.

Tony was a member of IVYTAG, he then became secretary, then Vice Chair and early this year he became Chair for a month or so due to me having to resign so to make way for a new R.A.

In the time of knowing him, he attacked the ex group NITA and the members, sat in 1 members house alot eating the gentleman's food and attacking certain people.

On the night of the elections he was supposed to lead the residents into a victory but he stabbed every person involved in IVYTAG in the back.

On that night, the Chair of the New Resident Association came up and 1 IVYTAG member stood and 1 NITA member when it came to the voting Tony voted the NITA member giving her a 1 extra vote to win.

Its time that Mr Smith give EVERYONE on Ivybridge an Explanation why he did this and turn his back on IVYTAG??

Also recently a Hounslow Homes newsletter appeared threw residents doors, on the front page an article about the truce between the 2 groups and Tony calling himself the Chair of IVYTAG and taking credit for the New R.A.

This has angered many residents on Ivybridge who feel he has betrayed them and myself who chaired IVYTAG for 3yrs and was the person responsible for NITA'S demise.

Those residents now feel Mr Smith has let them down and feel he should NOT be involved in the new R.A.

Several residents have contacted me to ask about resurrecting IVYTAG.

Its time 4 questions and time for Mr Smith to do the right thing and RESIGN from the United Residents Association on Ivybridge.
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Time 4 Answers
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