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 Dropping Like Flies on Ivybridge

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PostSubject: Dropping Like Flies on Ivybridge   Dropping Like Flies on Ivybridge Icon_minitimeThu Sep 13, 2007 5:30 pm

First we saw Chris Langstaff go, then Lesley Roberts and the list continues of those that was part of the old days on Ivybridge.

The list of those gone are:

Ann Uwechia (Senior Estate Manager) - total Shame as was fantastic and sadly missed
Chris - Caretaker who WONT be missed
Troy - Caretaker VERY hard worker and VERY well liked sadly missed
Gary Colton - Senior Caretaker, stitched up and Let down by many and sadly missed
George Fry - Chair of HFTRA
Sarj Bharry (estate manager - Will Be sadly Missed
Wendy Stevens (Estate Manager) - Never really worked or got on with her


Sally woodall - Action 4 Ivybridge, NITA and Bridglink Passed away a few Years ago. Very Hard worker and Passionate but a Bit Bossy

Sally Clayton - Ex Chair of NITA and Bridgelink Committee who wont be sadly missed as not many knew her and the rest couldn't stand her.

Albert Haddaway - Treasurer for Years with NITA who will be missed as i always got on with Him whilst i was on NITA

Chris Bouchier - NITA member for Many Years, i have different Political Believes then him but we always got on and wished for the same Goals on Ivybridge he is still very active as a Hounslow Homes Board Member.

Carol Bourne - Member of Action 4 Ivybridge, NITA, Bridgelink and Ex Cafe Owner - Worked hard for the estate and ran the cafe better than it is today but was stabbed in back by her Close Friends which is a Shame.

Dave Bourne - Ex V.C of NITA and Bridgelink - we had our Differences but was a hard worker but gave up on it all because of the Back stabbing and certain individuals.

Tex Dave - Ex NITA and Action 4 Ivybridge nice guy worked hard for the residents in his Block he also was on the Bridgelink Committee gave it up for same reasons as Dave Bourne.

So who else Should Go IMHO

Alf Chandler - Chair of Hounslow Homes Board who is a VERY top Labour supporter and was Mr Langstaff's right hand man for years.

Mr Padwell - In Charge of Concierge the man who cut concierge for Wardens even after residents said they didn't want them.

Anthony (caretaker) - Very Slow and goes threw residents bins taking items home with him.

And a Few Members of the new U.R.A and you know who you are.


Sinead Mooney as Estate manager was fantastic

Ann Uwechia and put her in charge of Hounslow Homes

Full Concierge

This is only My Opinion Though but i feel certain people are ruining things on Ivybridge.
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Dropping Like Flies on Ivybridge
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